Beyond Brooke — advancing the cause of elder justice
Beyond Brooke — advancing elder justice
Upstandership Workshop

The inaugural Upstandershipworkshop (Upstandershop) at Roger Williams University explored this social model to help realize social justice. 

Upstandership addresses the articulation of, and between, eight steps along the way. Each step helps to recognize and realize individual and collective concern and capacity – respectively, and respectfully.

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Philip Marshall, preserving a legacy in  Making Sense of Alzheimers  

​Philip Marshall turned in his father when he suspected financial abuse of his grandmother, Brooke Astor — “the First Lady of Philanthropy.”

Since then, he’s turned a background in historic preservation into a passion for elder justice. He sat down with Making Sense of Alzheimer’s Dr. Jason Karlawish to discuss his path. ( continued ...)